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"Kelly & I grew up only four short miles from each other, you could say he was the boy next door. Infatuated with such a hard working man, I fell in love fast & the rest is history! We married shortly after and grew our family. Wesley & Zakary have contributed so much through the years always being a helping hand; making this a true family business. Throughout the years it went from, "Oh, cool a boy cave!" to "Mom & Dad are really making us work!" The work ethic I saw in Kelly I see in the boys which has led them to many amazing opportunities of their own. It was Kelly's vision and his encouragement to restore the energy Backwoods once held and the community it brought together. "It will all be worth it" he would say as we worked tirelessly to bring this beautiful building back to life."- Aimee Andrews 

Platte Purchase POP 1.png
The Andrew family 2015

Our History

Erected in 1968, Backwoods Venue 222 began its life as an antique museum located just outside of Gower, Missouri.  Owned and operated by the Schuster Family, The Platte Purchase Antique Barn proudly hosted visitors from all over the country. With the 70 foot Great Hall, 22 separately decorated rooms, full-service restaurant and shops, guests were guaranteed to embark on a truly special journey back in time.

"Platte Purchase Antique Barn" is still proudly displayed on the North-facing side of the venue as seen in this historic photo from 1968. 


Pictured is an actual menu offered to hungry visitors of the antique museum.


One of the most iconic features of Backwoods Venue 222 is the 20 foot-wide fireplace shown in this Hallmark card with the phrase "Those warmest times shared in past Decembers...The mind still sees...The heart remembers." 


A famous element at Backwoods is Mr. Shusters office that he replicated precisely to the one he had on Wall Street! His mahogany desk, the crown molding,  and unique fireplace were all handcrafted. The dapper aesthetic is truly a photographers dream room! 

Commercial filmed by Marks Media 2023


Hallmark Christmas Card, news papers, multiple magazines, & editorial reviews have documented the tremendous growth Backwoods has had; which was once just a pipedream for our little family in the midwest. We are thankful for all the amazing opportunities we've had throughout the years and look forward to many future bridal ventures to come!

Owner Aimee Andrews on the cover of Josephine Magazine

Owner Aimee Andrews on the cover of Josephine 2015

2020 Editorial by Thine Magazine.

Backwoods featured in Thine Magazine

Meaning behind "222" documented by KQ2

Backwoods featured in Her Life

Her Life magazine cover June 2016

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